All of Pin-Head’s interesting shirts were in the wash.

You call it dubstep, I call it assault and battery to my ears.


Final (days on earth) Fantasy


Yes, I know, I’m late for this joke. I started working on this 3 days before new years eve, with the intention of making George & Pin-Head on a regular basis as per my new years resolution.
Hope you all have a productive new year.

~Del Rio

FJ or Oatmeal?

Toy Shopping


Just to clear the air, I consider myself a “Brony” (or a guy who likes the new My little pony). But, that will not stop me from pointing out how funny it is that grown men and women have taken a shine to these little horses. When you collect toys intended for 4 year old girls, you have to have some sense of humor about it.  I know that some of you may see George & Pin-Head in a different light now that their My Little Pony fascination has been made public

As for the comic, I’m planning on updating every Sunday, this way I have a whole week to prepare a new comic, sound good you readers?

More comics to come

Voote 2012

2012 is the first year I am old enough to vote.  In my opinion,I have to choose between several terrible candidates. I feel like I have to choose between the lesser of two evils. It’s scary when a food item looks like a better choice than all the other politicians.

Work Computer

The first comic to be posted into the South Campus Forum.
It’s interesting to see them all polished in their new style – but with no color.
Don’t bother visiting that old Smackjeeves site, I’m taking that down as soon as I can.

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